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Chart Westcott


About Chart Westcott

Chart Westcott currently serves as Chairman of the Westcott Foundation, a private foundation that focuses on improving education and economic conditions in Dallas, TX through grants. The Westcott Foundation aims to support young people who have had a drive to succeed despite the hardships and challenges in their lives. As Chairman of the foundation, Chart works to eliminate barriers that stop young people from succeeding in life. More specifically, Chart and the members of the Westcott Foundation are most passionate about criminal justice reform, improving education by giving youth more options, and supporting charities that improve the lives of youth in the Dallas community. Apart from the Westcott Foundation, Chart is also a strong supporter of Youth Entrepreneurs in Dallas. YE is an organization that teaches disadvantaged youth the principles of free markets and a free and open society. He also serves on the board of the Dallas County Historical Foundation, which is the board for Kennedy assassination museum known as the Sixth Floor.

Chart previously served as the Texas Chairman of the National Association to Protect Children. As Chairman of the national pro-child anti-crime advocacy group, Chart Westcott worked to ensure that children were protected from abuse, exploitation, and neglect. He also led efforts to pass Alicia’s Law in Texas. Furthermore, Chart previously served on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas. Being able to help young people, especially those who need us most, reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens remains a passion for Chart.


Chart Westcott is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ikarian Capital, LLC, a long/short equity biotech focused hedge fund that launched in January 2016. At Ikarian he is responsible for all operational, compliance, and marketing functions.

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