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Giving back is an essential part of our society, and when businesses are giving back, everyone in the community wins. So, here are some savvy corporations that are doing the right thing and changing the world.



Threaded is an affordable, all-natural bedding brand which is known for their top-notch and incredibly soft sheets, shams, duvet covers, and blankets. They typically work in factories that are primarily in India and mostly owned or managed by women. Their factories favor non-toxic materials, using coconut buttons and organic cotton instead of plastics and chemicals and their partner factories rely on solar power and water recycling. The goal of Threaded is to provide factory workers with an eco-friendly, safe place to work without compromising the quality.



GlobeIn is a subscription box company that sells electric homeware that is hand-made from every corner of the world. The company sources these fair trade products directly from the local artisans who hail from countries like Ghana and Peru which provides them a global customer base along with an income. GlobeIn has also fed hungry children within the US, employed homeless women and artisans in Malaysia, provided sanctuary for elephants in Rwanda, and even facilitated an income stream for disabled artists in Cambodia.


Bright Endeavors

Homelessness and poverty have been reaching epidemic levels in the US, and you are seeing more and more children who live in shelters across the nation now more than ever. However, an extraordinary social enterprise is looking to help young mothers in this situation defy the odds through their paid job-training program. They are called Bright Endeavors, based out of Chicago, Illinois. They teach homeless moms how to create and make soy candles in a professional, and supportive environment. You can also help support these young families by making a tax-deductible donation, volunteering, or buying a candle during the holiday season.


Golden Door

Many residents who enjoy holistic living know of California’s Golden Door spa which is a sanctuary for guests who want to revive their mind, body, and soul. However, what most people don’t know is that 100% of their net proceeds go to charity. Some of the philanthropic missions that have benefited from this support are the I Have A Dream Foundation, the Whole Planet Foundation, and the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.