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Experience life-changing and rewarding travel while gaining empathy and understanding for people in other parts of the world. Consider a volunteer abroad program that enables cultural immersion and daily interaction with the locals. Work alongside them on projects that positively impact their lives and make a meaningful difference in their part of the world.

Opportunities abound through highly rated organizations that specialize in providing access to many affordable volunteer abroad programs. Feel confident knowing all featured programs are thoroughly vetted and safe.

Volunteer opportunities exist worldwide in exotic and intriguing locations including Fiji, Laos, Portugal, Australia, Madagascar, Peru, Costa Rica, Ghana, among many others. Volunteer abroad program websites assist with pre-travel preparations, travel arrangements, local information, advice, and itineraries to prepare volunteers with insight into their program.

There are an inspiring array of worthy causes to fulfill every volunteer’s passion. Just a sampling includes teaching, healthcare, empowering local youth, construction, wildlife and environmental conservation, among others.

Is surfing your passion? Surf a different part of the world while sharing your enthusiasm with underprivileged kids as part of a children’s outreach surf program in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rehabilitate sea turtles in the Maldives or Greece. Care for adorable sloths in Costa Rica, even help elephants and their mahouts integrate these amazing, intelligent creatures into forested lands of Thailand.

It’s not all work and no play; there’s free time to explore the area and have travel adventures. Many volunteers gain treasured, lifelong friendships with their hosts, the locals, and other volunteers from all over. Everyone bonds over their shared experiences and interest in their chosen cause.

Volunteering can be done solo, as a couple, in groups such as friends, families, retirees, or colleagues, all providing their own labor or special skill sets during a one-to-two week stay. Depending on the program and location, accommodations can vary dormitory, to group living, to home stays, updated with Covid-19 precautions in place.

Brush up foreign language skills, amp up a resume, and gain hands-on knowledge to enhance your career path, all by putting greater meaning into your travel experience. A great access point to get started is Go Abroad. Find an appealing program and get ready to enjoy an incredible experience of a lifetime.