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President John F. Kennedy said, “Philanthropy, charity, giving voluntarily and freely…call it what you like, but it is truly a jewel of an American tradition.” These words hold true to this day. Businesses and organizations should embrace how vital the role of philanthropy plays in our society. It is indeed an enriching experience to know that what a company is doing is for the greater good. Some businesses may not be involved in philanthropy but creating that kind of culture can open the door for many opportunities.


Creating an Organizational Culture

First, they will want to start with the business’s culture. Research shows that culture of an organization can drastically affect its effectiveness. The company’s culture will affect all aspects of the organization, so it is essential to make sure it is reflective of everyone involved. The company culture will be the way the members interact and behave. From the CEO and board of directors to the interns in the office. It will be transmitted from one individual to another. The most significant part of the culture will be the mission. As an organization, what is it trying to accomplish? The answer to this question will be the motivating factor in crafting a specific mission. The mission will be the reason everyone gets up with a passion for coming to work. It will be the “North Star” that keeps everyone on board clear in the direction of the organization. After establishing a prominent organizational culture, it will be time to find room to include philanthropy in that culture.


Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

It starts at the top of the company. They created an organizational culture that aligns with their beliefs and what they want for the company. These views will also cater to philanthropic efforts. For example, if a company is in the business of technology and they are looking to better society with the advancement of technology, they may want to make room to invest in the future and help raise funds for STEM programs in the area. Embedding this kind of culture out the gate will make it much easier to trickle down to employees. These people will be the ones to put this culture into practice with ideas to raise funds and finding organizations to support. It does not have to take too much time either. The company can plan one major event every year to raise money for the non-profit of their choosing. By doing so, it allows them to continue focusing on the day-to-day operations that aid in the company’s success while providing a platform to better the community.


It is important to remember that is not all about the money. Raising funds is a crucial role in aiding philanthropic work. But, let’s refer to the words of JFK. He talks about giving voluntarily and freely. Fundraising will be beneficial, but what truly makes a difference is dedicating time to supporting the cause. If businesses across the board can foster that culture of philanthropy within their companies, the world will see incredible change.