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The world is an ever-changing place, always moving forward with new developments and innovations. As the world changes, so do philanthropies. The way that money is donated has changed drastically over the years. With the emergence of emerging technologies, there are now more ways to donate than ever before.

This post will cover some of these emerging trends in philanthropy to see what’s happening now and in the future.


1) Actionable Plans on Racial Injustice


Philanthropy works around racial injustice causes are taking traction presently. The issue of racial injustice must be addressed and can’t simply be ignored by the wealthy community that has the power to fix it.


2) Giving to Others


While philanthropy was a thing for the rich and celebrities, it is now something that we can all do. Several easy ways to donate and contribute money, time or goods have emerged.

Some examples include: Donating used books on Amazon, Sponsoring a child in Africa through organizations like World Vision, Unloading your clothes at Goodwill every once in a while, Selling items you don’t need anymore on eBay for charity.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to helping out others. You can find new and innovative ways of giving almost every day online and offline.


3) Adoption of Virtual Fundraising


Physical fundraising events are now becoming obsolete. The newest trend in fundraising is the use of virtual platforms to connect with donors. Virtual fundraisers are becoming more popular as they allow supporters for a cause or charity to participate without any barriers, whether a physical location or time constraints.


4) Philanthropy Works Championed by the Community


Communities are now at the forefront of many changes. Instead of waiting for people to come to them, they are the ones that go out and advocate change in their communities. This has been a trend over recent years, with various organizations leading by example.


5) The “US” View of Philanthropy


No mountain is too high; no ocean is too wide. The US has always been known for helping out others in need, and this will continue to be the trend moving forward. While an individual may be limited to what they can sometimes do, people will always come together to help those in need as a community.

This is one of the emerging trends that currently seems to be picking up speed, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.




As you can see, philanthropy is one of the most exciting aspects of social enterprise. It’s beneficial for those in need and provides organizations with a feel-good factor and an increased sense of community involvement. The future looks bright as more people are becoming aware and positively impacting society every day.