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It’s important to note that a company’s community is its most vital asset. Aside from being able to attract and retain talent, a community is also the reason why businesses exist. Therefore, it’s important that socially conscious companies give back to the communities that have supported them through their rough times.

One of the most effective ways to show social responsibility is by participating in community service programs. This allows employees to give back to the communities they live in. It also strengthens the company’s ties with the local community.

  1. Stay Mission-Focused

A survey conducted by the Gallup organization revealed that over 80% of people consider an organization’s mission as a significant factor when it comes to donating. This suggests that people are more likely to give to causes that are related to their values.

Unfortunately, even if employees love your company’s culture and values, they won’t support your philanthropy if they don’t feel that they can trust you. To solve this issue, consider implementing an open giving program that allows employees to choose their charitable organizations. Through CyberGrants, your employees can easily give to over 1.7 million organizations.

  1. Give Options

Having a community service program allows employees to participate and buy into the company’s culture. It also helps strengthen the company’s ties with the local community. Ask your employees to identify their favorite local organizations and let them decide how they would like to give back. You can also offer various ways that your employees can give, such as volunteering or matching gifts.

  1. Make It Easy

Unfortunately, implementing a corporate giving program can be a bit challenging. One of the most common reasons why employees don’t participate in the program is due to their busy schedules. This means that they won’t have the time to give back through the program.

Having a collection jar or designating a point of contact for each department can help boost the number of employees giving. If you can’t find a way to implement a digital platform, you can still create a one-stop shop for all of your giving needs. This will allow employees to give back regardless of their company’s direction.

  1. Offer Paid Volunteer Days

In addition to regular paid time off, you can also provide dedicated time off for community service activities. Management should encourage the use of this benefit and model the behavior they want their employees to follow. Having time off can also help employees feel good about giving back.