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Social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are playing a significant role in people’s lives. It can be used as a way to connect with friends or increase business activity. Another sector that is benefiting from social media is nonprofits. A recent study revealed that since 2007 nonprofit organizations have been “setting the pace for the use of social media in marketing.” Nonprofits were, in fact, leading both corporations and universities in the use of social media platforms. They were more familiar with the tools and using them more often. They even delved into monitoring the attitudes of others regarding the use of social media which is far ahead of some large-sized businesses. Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing for nonprofit organizations.



By definition, a nonprofit organization does not pay any dividends. Instead, their surplus income goes towards achieving whatever mission they are looking to accomplish. Due to this, it is unable to go through marketing channels that require significant amounts of funding. Social media marketing allows them to market themselves without needing a large sum of funding. So, these organizations are able to put themselves out there through channels like Facebook and Twitter and make the necessary connections that will put them in position to move closer to their goals, all while saving themselves critical funds.


Surveys and Polls

Organizations can also use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to conduct surveys. These surveys are useful as they allow the people within the organization to learn about the things their consumers approve and disapprove of. Using this information can help them gear their services to better please the community. These surveys can also help them generate interest in fundraisers and other events that they plan on having. They can learn about the reasons why their donors make the contributions that they do, along with what their consumers are truly interested in.


Establish Relations

In general, social media marketing is a great way to simply connect with people and gives organizations the opportunity to establish quality relationships with the people in the community. It can also allow those are already linked to the company tell their friends and family about the organization, which can help the company grow further. In addition to conducting the surveys, you can simply interact with your audience and allow them to have their voices heard on the things the organization is doing. All these tactics can help the nonprofit strengthen their relationship with their supporters and build their online community.