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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit American shores in full force this past March we’ve seen philanthropy in action more than many people probably have in this day and age, and for good reason. This crisis has caused entire countries to shut down with the economic impact appearing practically everywhere as well as the lives of millions of people being on the line due to not having a vaccine or cure for this virus. This has caused many philanthropists to jump into action in various ways, from donating to organizations trying to find a vaccine to helping out those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. It’s quite clear that this pandemic has put philanthropy on the rise in a multitude of ways.

Philanthropy Brings Attention To Crucial Concerns

No place is perfect, and unfortunately, there are many inequalities amongst citizens of the United States and other parts of the world. While there are those who are often fighting for those inequalities, they may not get seen as often by the people in power. Philanthropy, especially in our current circumstances, has the ability to bring more attention to these inequalities. Things such as racial equity or equity for those without health insurance coverage are more important than ever during a pandemic and philanthropy is putting that front and center more than ever before by making the people in charge have to take careful consideration to ensure no one party is suffering more than another during these difficult times.

Philanthropy Is Supporting NonProfits

There are a myriad amount of nonprofit organizations all over the country and the world that have been doing everything in their power to help those in need during this crisis, but a lot of them can’t keep up. This is where the power of philanthropy has become crucial, with many philanthropists deciding to step in and help fund these organizations. For example, Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert fame has pledged over 1 million dollars in order to help charities that are trying to assist those who need financial assistance during the pandemic. 

Philanthropy Is Bringing People Together

When philanthropy comes up in discussion, many automatically think of someone wealthy giving their money to an organization. The truth of the matter is that anybody is capable of philanthropy in some form, and the pandemic has seen philanthropy happen amongst people from all walks of life more than ever. In some areas such as New York City, restaurants began giving out free bagged lunches for families in need. Other communities have come together to donate extra financial resources people are willing to donate to help communities who are struggling during the pandemic more than others. While this crisis is far from over and has been difficult, the fact that it can bring people together through means such as philanthropy is a wonderful thing.