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Few things in this world warrant a greater feeling than giving back to the community. It is very reassuring knowing that time is being dedicated to improving the lives of other people. Getting more involved with the community has benefits for both the mind and the body. The only caveat is finding the right opportunities. There are so many simple ways to give back and get involved. Take a look at a few simple ways to get engaged with the community.


Volunteer At Local Events

One great way to get more involved in the community is to actively be around and help out at any local charity events. Try to research any programs or community service projects that are being held. Join in a neighborhood tidy up event where members of the community come together to clean up around the area. This is a great way to connect with other members of the community while doing something that is benefiting everyone. is a great site that can show different volunteer opportunities that are near the neighborhood.


Donate Resources

It could be that people don’t have the time to dedicate to participate in any events actively, but one simple way to help out in the community is to donate any resources no longer needed. Try to find the local GoodWill and give any clothes that aren’t being used, or maybe furniture that is still good to use, but is taking up space due to new furniture recently bought. Another great way to help is by donating canned goods to a local food drive or even old toys to a Christmas toy drive. This is a simple way to help those in need and get involved in the community and doesn’t require much time.


Become a Mentor

Support the local Boys and Girls Club and volunteer time as a mentor for some of the youth in the area. This is a perfect chance to impart some knowledge and experience to help steer the younger generation in the right direction. This can be an enriching experience to shape their future for the better and be a positive role model that they can turn to for quality advice. For current business owners, try and find other aspiring entrepreneurs and mentor them as they go along this journey. Sharing tips and the experience will be handy to them especially knowing that someone in their community was able to make it.


Support Local Organizations

Oftentimes, people want to change the world.  Carl Westcott believed you should start in your own backyard, which is why the Westcott Foundation was founded with an eye to focus on supporting organizations in the local Dallas community. This organization was started by Carl Westcott in an effort to give back to the world and help out those who had faced adversities similar to him. True to his entrepreneurial roots, the foundation has invested in numerous new and exciting charities, focusing on the unmet needs in the Dallas area. Their mission is to help those less fortunate who have also shown the potential to overcome any severe adversity in their lives. The foundation tends to focus on education, poverty, children and criminal justice. They also are keeping their eye out on social changes occurring as a result of technological disruptions from Artificial Intelligence, believing that the social and economic changes occurring may lead to new and unique charitable and social needs. As an organization, they are always looking for people to bring them their best ideas that will allow them to leverage all their resources and partnerships to continue making Dallas better.