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Philanthropic efforts continue to change throughout the years based on society as a whole and the state of the world we are currently in. This is why each generation brings about a different few on volunteerism and philanthropy based on their beliefs and the world they have grown up in. It’s no wonder that the digital generation of millennials is no different and is starting to really change up how they are giving back.

Due to the fact that millennials are currently between the ages of 23 to 38, they are the largest generation making up most of the workforce. Everyone has heard at one point or another, about how this generation is completely reshaping the workforce to include what’s most important to themselves and the world around them. From demanding a better work-life balance to ensuring the company or organization they are a part of is making a positive impact on society, this generation is making waves like no other.

At this point, both Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are donating a lot of their money to charities and other organizations, but the donation amount for millennials is more significant because of the lower amount of income that they experience. Because this generation has grown up in the digital world of social media and mobile banking, everything has been sharable at the touch of their fingertips. Which in turn means that philanthropic giving has also become easier.

Millennials understand the need to share and engage with others to spread the world of their cause and philanthropic interests. It’s essential to learn how to get the millennial generation engaged in your organization but utilizing a few of these essential tips.

Be sure to make sure your message is short and to the point. Millennials should understand your need now and be able to share your message across their multitude of social media profiles. By doing so, you give them a way to get involved in more ways than just donating their money to your organization. Because there are so many organizations looking for the attention of this generation, tell your story and exactly how and where their money and involvement is going to go to. You can build a relationship that will grow over time where they can explain to others why they should donate to your cause.