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There are many benefits associated with having a corporate volunteer day. Collective volunteering enables your team to cultivate a stronger team environment and build camaraderie outside of the office. Most companies will offer incentives to encourage employee volunteerism, like a day off work in exchange. If you’re thinking about implementing a volunteer day, check out the suggestions below.


Community Cleanup

There are always opportunities to help improve cleanliness in a city. Sometimes cleanup is needed at a local park or some other community facility. This type of volunteer activity is usually best during the warmers months. It doesn’t require a lot of money because all you need are plastic gloves and trash bags to get started.


Food Pantry Donations

Food pantries are almost always accepting donations of nonperishable foods. In addition to donating to a food pantry, you can inquire about their need for volunteers. If you have a large group of volunteers from your company, the food pantry may schedule you for the holiday season when the need is greatest. Volunteering at a food pantry is often preferred because they already have everything organized.


Youth Mentorship

Studies have consistently proven that mentorship programs are beneficial in the development of life skills. Sometimes people don’t participate in mentor programs because they don’t think they have anything to offer, which usually isn’t the case. Just being able to spend time with a young person from an underserved community can make a big difference. For your company volunteer day, you can either establish an internal mentorship program or participate in one that already exists.


Holiday Gift Basket

One of the easiest company volunteer activities to organize is gift donations. You can pick a day where everyone brings food, a toy or clothing. It’s best if you choose one family and provide a list of what they need. This will ensure you have a well-rounded gift basket that’s truly appreciated.


Pro Bono Services

Depending on the nature of your business, it might be a good idea to provide free services. If you offer products, you can donate them to a nonprofit organization at no cost. You can identify a worthy organization in your community where a need exists.

A company volunteer day offers everyone a chance to give back. Quite frankly, if every company committed to a volunteer day, it would literally change the world.