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We all have had mentors at some point in our lives. Whether it was our parents, a close family friend, a teacher, etc. we have all had someone in our lives who guided us down the right path that ultimately led to the success we see today. We all have a lot to give in this world, and the most effective thing you can do is give that knowledge and wisdom to someone else. One of the biggest differences you make is by empowering another person. Becoming a mentor is almost just as important as having one. You are taking everything you have learned throughout your life and helping an up and comer achieve the same kind of success.

There are many people out there who do not have the kind of mentoring needed that can help them reach their full potential, so you could be creating generational change by imparting that knowledge to someone else. Mentoring is so important to the future of society, here are some other reasons why you should consider being a mentor.


Enhance Your Skills

When you become a teacher even if it is on simple life lessons, you become a master on that particular subject. So, the experience you will gain from mentoring someone can help foster your own personal growth. You will have the opportunity to enhance your coaching and leadership skills as you work with individuals of varying backgrounds and personalities. Being able to manage different people is such a valuable skill to have. Plus, in addition to enhancing your skills, the accountability that comes with mentoring will cause you to live your best life. As a mentor, you have to set a good example because you want to provide accurate guidance to your protege.


Leave A Positive Legacy

By becoming a mentor, you also have the opportunity to leave behind a positive legacy as you shape some of the leaders of tomorrow. As mentioned, you put yourself in a position to create generational change by providing this kind of education to the younger generation. You will be guiding the future doctors, politicians, and entrepreneurs down the road necessary for success. They will be able to attribute some of their accomplishments to the wisdom you shared with them, or the motivating words you gave them when all they wanted to do was give up. Being a mentor allows you make the kind of impact that will be felt even long after you are gone.