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During times of crisis, it’s essential that people give back to their communities. One way to do this is by volunteering with your kids. Although there may be fewer opportunities in person due to the coronavirus pandemic and the outbreak of the disease, there are still plenty of activities that allow you and your family to spend time together.

Although volunteering is primarily about helping others, it can also help improve one’s mental and physical health. A 2018 study revealed that individuals who regularly give back to their communities reported feeling better mentally and physically.

There are many ways that families can give back this winter and fall. These activities will allow you to make an impact in your community.

Organize a Neighborhood Food Drive

Gather your family and friends together to organize a food drive. This can be done through safe distancing techniques or by inviting people to participate from their homes. You can also ask your neighbors to help by donating non-perishable food items.

Help Neighbors Get Essential Supplies

Through online groups and mutual aid networks, people with chronic conditions, such as seniors and immunocompromised individuals, have received help from local organizations. These groups can provide them with food and other supplies.

You can also find networks in your area through various social media platforms. For instance, you can try searching your neighborhood or city through Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #YourLocal. You can additionally sign up for apps such as Nextdoor to help people find jobs. People can post their needs on the app and receive help from the community.

Even if you can’t volunteer at your local food bank, you can still help by making care kits. Local organizations can use these to provide hygiene products and other personal care items to homeless people who have lost their homes. For more information about these organizations, check out their websites or contact them directly.

Make Cards or Write Letters for Shut-Ins

Children’s love of arts and crafts can inspire them to make cards for those in need. There are over a hundred organizations that are looking for these cards. These can be used by various groups, such as those people with disabilities or Alzheimer’s disease.

Volunteer Your Skills or Interests

In addition to letter writing, a local organization known as the Gift of Words also provides free tutoring to kids. Through its program, volunteers can help kids struggling with COVID-19 by chatting with them online. This interaction can help kids feel like they are not alone. You can also help your kids sign up for the organization’s volunteer program by completing an application form.

Family Promise is another organization that allows families to find volunteer opportunities that match their interests. For instance, you can help another family with their budgeting and homework by signing up for the organization’s program. Everyone in the family can also participate in this type of activity.

Connect with Local Seniors

Through COVID-19, we have connected with our great aunts, uncles, and grandparents in different ways. Providing a short phone call, a letter, or a virtual visit can help older adults feel like they are still being supported. This interaction can help brighten the day for someone who doesn’t get to see many people regularly.

Clean Up Your Community

Although it will start getting cold outside before too long, it’s still possible to participate in stream and beach cleanups in various areas of the country. Volunteering can help boost the quality of life for everyone. Although cities don’t always have organized programs for volunteer clean-up activities, there are many ways that families can get involved. For instance, they can help neighbors by collecting leaves and keeping the gardens looking their best. They can also help maintain trails and clean up areas of their community. Spending some time picking up trash at a local park can make a big difference.